Tuesday, August 1, 2017

First post slicing!

A slice of life, no, actually a slice of tomato. Yes, how delicious. I never thought I would think it, let alone totally agree with it. On the weekend of 7/22/17, my husband and I traveled to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to visit family including his 92 year old grandmother. Upon leaving she gave us two ripe vine tomatoes that a neighbor had shared with her. She wanted us to have them. So, the two tomatoes traveled the three hour trip back to our home in Frederick, MD. I certainly didn't think much of it/them, but when cutting one up for a mixed green salad, I smelled, for the first time, the natural sweetness of a fresh tomato. I had the sudden urge, again for the first time, to sprinkle salt and pepper on a chunk then plop it in my mouth. Yes, how delicious! I finally understood why my paternal grandfather and father loved their summer tomatoes so very much. Memories came to mind of my grandfather's meticulous garden filled with mainly beefy, red tomatoes and he riding on his rust colored cruiser bike to deliver them to our house. I did not truly appreciate them then, but I just had my first adult moment of doing so.

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